I finally shot a deer! After years of buying licenses, sitting out in the cold and seeing nothing, success!

The Dog, The Deer, And Me

The Dog, The Deer, And Me

The photo does not illustrate it well, but this is a four-point buck: three points on one side, and one long crooked spike on the other.

Ok, so it is not the largest deer ever. And its antlers are a little deformed. And crooked. Nonetheless, I am still elated for my first deer hunting success.

I do not think I can call myself “world’s worst hunter” anymore. I must say that I am a little sad to abandon this self-anointed title. Before the deer, I had been hunting dozens of times, and had gotten nothing but one roughed grouse, a squirrel, and quite a few cases of what was bordering on hypothermia. It was comical, sort of.

This hunting success was a nice boost, going into the finals season. Hopefully, my luck and perseverance will continue through my bankruptcy exam…


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2 responses to “Success!

  1. Colleeeeen

    Hey Phil,
    Did you know PETA has a campaign to rename fish “sea kittens” so that no one would want to hunt “sea kittens?” Mmmmm makes me want some canned Albacore kitten meat now! Yum!

    • philliptoutant

      I just picked up a couple cans of sea kitten at the store. Why? Because you informed me of the renaming of the icthies. Sea kittens. Bah. I hate cats. This makes me want to eat more fish. Ha ha.

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