The Lack of Photos

I have not posted many photographs on my blog recently. This is for a reason. Loyal readers (since I publish bi-monthly, I doubt there are any) must have noticed that my postings no longer contain any original photographs.

It is because I blew up my digital camera’s charger in Croatia this summer. It was sort of like this:

Photo of an electrical storm taken by S.R.S. Barnes

Photo of an electrical storm taken by S.R.S. Barnes

Sort of like that, except taking place thirty feet to the right of where this awesome photo was taken. And inside my camera’s charger. Wish I would have read the max voltage on the side of the transformer.

Another travel lesson learned.

Once this blunder is corrected I will continue posting photos, including those taken during my Eastern European Roadtrip – those taken before my camera charger exploded, that is.

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