Legal Writing

Here is some legal writing I have prepared as well as some significant judicial rulings I have obtained. Enjoy!


Motion for Partial Summary Disposition: to dismiss unjust enrichment allegations against a client. Includes brief in opposition and Oakland County Business Court’s Opinion and Order granting motion


Response in Opposition to Application for Leave to Appeal: opposition to application for leave to appeal trial court’s order granting summary disposition in favor of my client in a civil fraud case. The Michigan Court of Appeals’ Order Denying Leave is also included. The case went on to result in a $314,127.28 judgment against the adverse party


Personal Injury Work

Research Memo: Res Ipsa Loquitur and Childhood Lead Poisoning

Memo: Landlord Duties to Tenants’ Guests

Criminal Law/Prosecution Work

Motion In Limine: To Exclude Evidence and Arguments With Regard to the Defendant’s Employment or Operator’s License Status Prior to an Operating While Intoxicated Jury Trial (resulted in a guilty plea to MCL 257.625(3) before commencement of a jury trial)

Motion Response: Response to Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Reasonable Suspicion to Conduct a Traffic Stop Which Resulted in an Operating While Intoxicated Arrest (resulted in a guilty plea immediately after service on opposing counsel)

Reference Table: Table of Driver Responsibility Fees, Suspension/Restriction Periods, and License Points for Common Offenses in the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code (I found this useful in negotiating plea bargains, providing the relevant fees, points and suspension time to a defense attorney or in pro per Defendant)


Personal Statement – Not really legal writing, but this is what I wrote for the purpose of getting into law school. Looking back, the language is a little flowery – I was a science major, and prior to law school, my most significant writing training was my AP English class in high school. However, I posted it because I still believe strongly in its content.