As of yesterday, I am 50% done with law school. This is great news. I go back to work tomorrow, but today, I sit idle for the first time in months. Last night, I went rock climbing for the first time in weeks. I walked around town, went to book stores, read magazines etc. etc. etc. If it were not December, and there were roses, I would have stopped and smelled them.

People have claimed to me that the second year of law school is easier than the first year. I think they were squarely mistaken.  The readings were longer, the concepts more difficult, and the curves were still there. Further, I had additional responsibilities: moot court, work, and interviewing all increased the challenge of the year. During 1L, I spent my weekends studying and getting ahead in readings. This first 2L semester, I spent my weekends writing moot court briefs, practicing arguments, preparing for interviews, and then catching up on all the housekeeping that I had neglected during the week; e.g. doing the dishes and laundry. It was impossible to study as much as I did last year. However, the challenge of the 2L year helps to refine another skill vital to a practicing attorney: time management, which is essential to practice, and just as essential to success in the 2L year.

Looking back on them, I think that exams went well, and I look forward to seeing the results of another semester.

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  1. Colleeeen

    Congrats on 50%!!!

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