The Baconator

Normally, I like unhealthy cheeseburgers – when in Detroit, I have one of The Bronx Bar’s excellent swiss cheeseburgers once a week on average. With The Baconator, I found an exception. One of my coworkers, a vegetarian, was telling me about how her husband loves a sandwich called The Baconator, and how he would occasionally make late-night special trips to the particular fast-food restaurant that serves this abomination to order it. I was caught up in the name – it sounded funny, and I was hungry –  so therefore I was sold.

I ordered a Baconator, and washed it down with cheap coffee. It did not taste particularly good – certainly not good enough to justify the $4.00-plus price, but that was not what was terrible about the sandwich.

I returned to work, and it was like curdled cheese and bacon fat were congealing in my brain. I could not think, focusing on my work became a struggle as a general malaise set in. I was lethargic, and felt as if I had just taken months off my life. I probably had, considering the nutritional value of the thing.

According to wikipedia‘s Baconator page, The Baconator weighs 553 grams, and contains 51 grams of fat. It does not take a mathematician to realize that this sandwich is approximately 10% pure fat. It has 840 calories, and 1 gram of dietary fiber, for that matter.

In conclusion, I can only recommend that you, reader, not be sucked in – do not order The Baconator.

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  1. SBarnes

    You can see the gooey mayonnaise goodness oozing out around the top. Ummm.

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