Dead Soldiers

Law school comes with its casualties. For me, it has been coffee makers. I have destroyed two in the last six months. Don’t know why or how, it is just what happens when cheap coffee makers intersect with heavy use.


Today, I think that I have finally rectified the situation. Behold: the Black & Decker DE790B.


Ooo, shiny! And I can finally wash it without fear of cracking another decanter. This decanter is made out of double-walled stainless steel. The last thing I bought from Black & Decker was a drill. A company that makes power tools must make indestructible coffee makers.

I have done some research as to the reliability of this product, and I think that I now have a coffee maker that is built for the ages. The Black & Decker Model DE790A, the slightly larger precursor to my model, had a long and highly-decorated history. See below:


This new purchase better last at least the next two years. I am so sick of drinking tea.


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2 responses to “Dead Soldiers

  1. Sick of drinking tea? You know the entire British empire was built on cups of tea.

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